Cobalt Borate(lump)

Name: Cobalt Boroacylate/Cobalt Borate
Company Specification: SL-BCo22
Main features: Bluish violet granular solid, insoluble in water, soluble in toluble in toluene, xylene and hydrocarbon solvents. Performance Indexes: HG/T4072-2008
Application: Widely applied in steel wire radial tyre, rubbrized steel conveyor belt,rubber hose braided with steel wire, rubber covered roller and other rubber product industries.
Package: Net weight 25 kg, inner packing: sealing by plastic bags, external packing: carton box(or packed according to customer’s requirement)
Storage: Products can be stored for one year in a cool and ventilated place that away from direct sunlight.
CAS Registration number: 72432-84-9

Blue-violet granular
Cobalt Content / %
21.5 – 22.5
Insoluble Substance of Heptane / %
Boron / %
1.00 – 1.30